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Q: Can we use your PA system to play music between and after the band sets?


A: Yes you are more than welcome to use our PA system for this. If you wish to provide your own playlist/s, all that’s required is that your music playing device (e.g. mobile phone, tablet, laptop) has a mini-jack audio port, which is found on most modern mobile devices. We will always have our own playlists ready if you’d rather or at least as a backup. If your event takes place in the evening, we allow use of our PA system for music until midnight.



Q: Do we need to provide you with a meal?


A: We don’t request that you provide the band with any food or drink. However, if any is on offer all that we ask is that you let us know details beforehand so we only bring necessary supplies.



Q: Do you require a deposit?


A: Yes, if you are sure you would like to proceed with the booking, we require a deposit of £250. Returning a signed copy of the contract we provide will complete the booking.



Q: How long do you need to set up?


A: We like to allow 1 hour to load in, set up and sound check. Sometimes it may take less than an hour and occasionally a space may require more sound checking to adjust the band mix to the room ambience.



Q: Do you learn song requests?


A: The short answer to this is usually no. We have an extensive repertoire that continually evolves sometimes by dropping some songs and learning new ones. We are quite selective in finding songs that suit our lineup and style. We don’t like the idea of charging for the cumulative hours required for the band to learn a request (and we don't really learn things by half), but happy to take ideas for the small chance it does suit us.

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